A Change in Values

Everyone has a core set of values, many organisations also have a list of values which they would like their employees to uphold and employees are most likely to fit best within organisations whose values closely align with their own.

Values can be defined as personal (or corporate) preferences that govern a person’s (or corporation’s) preferred way to approach a situation, influencing what may be though of as the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ course of action. Some examples of values are ‘taking initiative’, ‘having courage’, ‘ensuring fairness’ and ‘standing up for what’s right’. Corporate values are generally expressed as one word e.g. ‘Initiative’, ‘Courage’ and ‘Fairness’.

By thinking through your own values and using them as the basis for thinking through ethical dilemmas, you sometimes come across situations where upholding one value requires compromising another.

Daniel Everett,  a Christian Missionary went to live with the Pirahã to convert them to Christianity. After living with the them  for a total of seven years Daniel had a change of values and lost his faith in god. An excellent video about the exchange can be viewed below.


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