Eco-Fashion Awareness

There have been few studies completed on environmentally friendly fashion. In 2011, a survey of 2,000 Australian customers by Macquarie University showed that 75% of respondents considered the environmental credentials of products before purchasing, however only 20% actually purchased products with environmental features. The Macquarie University study also showed that environmentally friendly products were valued more by the younger (18-24 years old) and older consumers (55+ years old) and the 22-44 age group valued these types of products least.

The Carbon Trust in London surveyed 2,800 people in the 18-25 age group across six countries on environmental issues. Similarly to the primary research undertaken for this report, most respondents said they would buy products labeled with green credentials if they were comparative in price to those without. Interestingly, China was the only country in which a large percentage (42%) of participants would be willing to pay more for products that display eco-credentials.

A UK study in 2009 showed that 30% of respondents stated they were concerned about the environment, which is significantly lower than the 89% recorded in the results of this study. However, they both recorded that most consumers still chose products based on price and perceived value for money rather than ethical or environmental factors.

A similar study in the US found that 54% of consumers were aware of the term ‘sustainability’ in 2007. In 2010 this had increased to 69% but only 21% could name a sustainable product and only 12% knew of a sustainable brand. This study reported that consumers in the US are more focused on personal benefits, for example whether a product is healthy or how a company invests in their local community.



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