Ethics and Karma

Ethical theories provide a framework on which we can base our everyday decisions. In ethics there are no strictly ‘good’ or ‘bad’ decisions but different options can be evaluated to see which of the options available are more ethical.

According to Buddhism, Karma is like a rewards system which is influenced by whether a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ decision is made by an individual. Each decision carries consequences and can ripple throughout one’s life and into the next incarnation. In today’s society, people who undertake these ‘good’ or ‘kind’ actions are sometimes termed as gaining ‘good karma’ and people who act poorly are believed to be generating ‘bad karma’. In ethics, this is acting ethically or unethically according to one’s values.

LVI (Life Vest Inside) works to cultivate the awareness that individuals can effect real and positive change in the people around them, simply by ‘living kindness:’ by trying to encourage people to embody empathy and compassion in their day-to-day lives. The LVI founder Orly Wahba discusses the power of kindness in the following TED Talk.


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Image: Budda by Paul Schultz


One response to “Ethics and Karma

  1. Hey, good day. I just thought I would throw this in here. But many buddhists do not view Karma as somthing that is either good or bad. It is neutral, we simply experence the results of our actions whatever they may be. They leave their impressions in our minds and we re live them at a later time or place. I think buddhism and ethics have a lot in common.

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